Studio equipment

Since the technology in the music industry has advanced so much, AS STUDIOTON has created an ideal balance between the older analog and newer digital technology, using the latest products of this century managed by the team of professionals experienced in both fields. The core of the studio work is the process of recording and broadcasting sound, the stability of which we have ensured with the Apple system, and supported by the Apollo Unison audio processing. However, in order to enable all the qualities of our clients to be credibly recorded, our production team offered artists a full range of microphones, following the example of the highest world standards, of which we single out the Telefunken 251E, Sony C-800G, as well as all the products of the famous company DPA. In order to ensure the complete quality of service, it is necessary to thoroughly check the entire work process for which the highest quality speaker sets are in charge. Leading among them certainly are ATC SCM150ASL Pro, BAREFOOT MM26 and GENELEC 8351B which make an integral part of AS STUDIOTON.

Studio premises

The studio premises consist of two directing and two separate recording rooms that can be used also simultaneously as needed by more clients, which makes our team completely operational at any time. The large ‘’dead room’’ offers the possibility of recording a diverse number of musicians – from solo vocalists, duos, trios, quartets, to an ensemble of 16 members, while the convenience of the small ‘’dead room’’ is reflected in the possibility of precise and isolated recording of individuals. In addition to four studio rooms, the studio also has a room of a pleasant ambience for relaxation – a reception salon.

Acoustics and premises design

Acoustic treatment of premises was carried out as a project of PhD professor Miomir Mijić (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade) with the aim of providing a wide range of recording opportunities, while offering an extremely pleasant sound and working environment. Our vision was primarily aimed at creating a unique environment in this region for artists who share our love for music. Recording great music with recognizable and high-quality sound means overcoming the demands of modern technology with a warm and pleasant atmosphere and environment that encourages people to relax, connect with other artists and be creative, at the same time maximally dedicated to their profession. Thanks to the impressive project of the company Bekament and cooperation with the Vanquish Design, that roughly implies the warmth of carefully selected natural materials, as well as the spaciousness and functionality of the premises for small and large number of clients, relying on a combination of complete lighting plan and daylight, we managed to build an extremely pleasant complex of magical space. We have thus achieved one goal more, and that is to replace the claustrophobic atmosphere of ordinary studio life with the freedom that is equally necessary for the producers, engineers, musicians. However, the relevant value of a good studio is not only reflected in the exceptional studio equipment and quality of premises, but also in the expertise of its staff.

Our production company can proudly say that our team gathers the eminent, highly specialized, and often award-winning people who have decades of experience in the field of production, performance, composition and arranging.

What we do?

In addition to complete music production, which includes recording and processing of sound (mix and mastering) of vocal and / or instrumental content, our artistic team of songwriters, arrangers, composers, performers and producers offers the production of songs of various genres, as well as the performance of applied music for movies, shows, commercials and theatre plays.

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We are located in an attractive location in the heart of Belgrade with parking for all clients.

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